Re-Rape concept from Dina Fayer July 2010

The problem that the conservatives are going to have is that they have worked really hard to redefine the concept of personhood to include foetal tissue. They are also working really hard to redefine the concept of rape, when the irony is that they already have: by turning a foetus into a person, semantically speaking—a person who can be murdered—they have also turned it into a person who can literally re-rape its own mother by penetrating her vaginal barrel non-consensually. There is no footnote in any legal definitions of rape that requires it to be penetration from the outside in: an argument for rape as coming from the inside out—from the uterus to the opening of the vagina–is just as easy to support. The other fancy bit of paralogic here is that the state is complicit in the re-rape, by preventing abortion and forcing the birth to take place. Thus, the state can and should be held accountable for conspiracy to commit rape.


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