Fairypig Whiskey

This recipe is dedicated to my grandaddy Mr. George Dennis Kirby a blacksmith and Southern Pacific railroad man of Arkansas and was first made by me and Carol for Miss Dina who truly believes that everything is better with bacon.

You will need

A bottle of Tennessee whiskey

Four slices of good quality bacon – I use applewood smoked – low sodium.

A small funnel.

A stove or cooking fire

Two bottles,

A cork

A small pot with a tight fitting lid

Cheesecloth or 4×4 gauze pads

A swizzle stick or thin rod to use for decanting

An empty 10-12oz jar

An icebox

A fork

A shotglass

1.  Cut bacon into 1inch pieces.

2.  Simmer in a small covered pot until just done and still floppy this will increase the solubility of the fat.

3.  Let the pan cool.

4.  Take off the lid.

5.  Pour all contents into a 10oz jar. Make sure the jar is very clean – give it a fast rinse with 1oz of whiskey. Do not throw this whiskey away, that’s a waste beyond imagining, drink it.

6.  Rinse the cooled pan with a bit of whiskey and pour that into the jar too.

7.  Fill jar with whiskey.

8.  Cover jar tightly and shake the bejesus out of it.

9.  Do Not Drop The Jar, if it broke you’d surely go to hell. Let sit for four hours.

10.  Put in the icebox overnight.

11.  Remove jar from icebox. Now don’t be shocked, when you look at the jar you might want to cry for what you’ve done to good Tennessee whiskey but hang in there, it will all work out. The bacon will forgive you.

12.  Break out the fat with a fork and remove it from the top of the elixir as good as you can, don’t be too picky.  Use the grease on your next batch of biscuits.

13.  Place a funnel into the neck of a clear bottle.

14.  Place a piece of cheesecloth folded six times just snug in the funnel.

15.  Pour the mess of meat and liquor slowly onto the cloth in the funnel, let the whiskey drip thru.

16.  Be patient, don’t force it. Wait until it drains down.

17.  Remove the funnel.

18.  Top the bottle with fresh whiskey until about half way up the neck.

19.  Put in the cork just a bit. Don’t even think about using a screw top.

20.  Finish frying the bacon or use it in your next batch of beans. Watch for fire though as this stuff is flammable.

21.  Let the bottle rest overnight at a slight angle, the protein will settle out into a corner of the bottle as dregs.

22.  Decant the liquor through a funnel into the final bottle with fresh cheesecloth or a 4 x 4 cotton gauze pad in it leaving the dregs behind in the first bottle. if you don’t know how to decant you should really look it up and practice as it works really well and is a flashy bar trick.

23.  Pour the dregs into one of those tiny little jelly jars and use it as a flavor in pasta or eggs. (Or just down it.)

24.  Print out our House of Queens Fairypig label or make your own.

25.  Force cork flush with top of bottle

26.  Apply label (see image)

OR – just throw the chunks of cooked bacon into a bottle of whiskey, shake well and drink. It will be kind of gross at first but after the third big swig you won’t notice it much. That way you get a snack too!




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