Can I write this feeling in my hands which happens when I touch you?
Electric is used and overly zappish. Scientists say taste, smell, touch, hearing, sight, make the senses but we know better. We have to add eros as a sensation because I have it in my skin when we touch. Alive my hands slide across your body in a land of wonder beyond my knowledge. I know what I want to do, you know what you want to do and we agree that now is the time. Society says get a room but we need none, an alleyway, behind a car or in a doorway I touch you briefly someplace intimate on your breast or crotch, fleeting forceful clearly lewd want of a touch. Needful directive forced want of you now here if but briefly. I lean into your ear with a fast hug and tell you to masturbate and not come but say my name the entire time and then write a story about what you want before you can go back and finish. I won’t see you again for what feels like forever but will think of you every day, teasing your face and ass around in my mind over and over about our last wet dream of a kiss. Maybe next time we’ll hold hands too.


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