Pearls for Molly

Your eyes take my lungs to stillness with knowledge you keep behind them. Artful assessing open merry wondering eyes have me dancing and hoping that when I close mine and we are close then maybe, just maybe we will touch and when we do and you will hold yours too. I listen for the slight catch in your breath, the moment when the world puts us together in piles of jewels and drag alone in a strangers apartment in the dark playing dress-up to find where everything might fit. Draped in pearls my heart wandered simply because you said I was sexy in my rumpled flesh and smooth lace edged satin and beads. Playing at the soul of being grownups we know that grownups never do this and then gasp for air in unsealed moments of willing lips opened and want-on each other knowing that this moment stolen will never be returned. Glistening smooth round staff strung ungendered drops displayed still and sliding. Mounted mindless, snapped on satin coved boxes of forever I shall keep me dressed and still for your finger’s silver buttoned stroke while looking at me through jeweled lens of joy and caring with endless open wondering eyes.


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