The First Word

You will never know the best poet. She existed many millennia past and one morning woke up looked around and spoke the first poem. It was completed in only one word, the first word ever spoken. That one word poem changed animal to human and from then on we’ve been all posing and primping our words so that someone else can tell us what good poets we are,
Or are not.
Since then all of humanities poets and writers have invented nothing as important or as powerful since that word was the basis of all magic and poetry , all feelings and descriptions goes back to that one single syllable. She invented the sentence too, the very next day. In just a few days she created language, the basis for all words so every poem you write is based on hers. Every word you utter or can utter is hers, for we are all derived from her. Our very mitochondrial energy is hers. But most of all without her, we would not know love. One syllable is all it takes.


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