Domme Mom

Agape.  by Bobby Morgan
I am a devoted slave to my wife. I give her all my time and money and she gives me everything I want. I wake up every morning before she does, preparing her bath and breakfast. I wake her gently with a cup of tea and then start a soft slow foot massage. Life is very, very good. She is totally beautiful and deserving of all this pampering because she teases me with her beauty and like any good wife denies me my pleasure with her words. She has such a straight girl script, I love her madly. I worship her faithfully. We have agreed that I will always honor and cherish her so when she says hop I do so gladly, with joy. You see I’m the perfect submissive married to an incredible goddess. It started many years ago with my family. My mother, bless her soul, was totally in charge of my household. She was a complete femme flirt and I was the only child in the house. Mother and I were very close. We went everywhere and did everything, I mean everything, together. When I was ten we were devastated when my father was killed in the Middle East. He was thirty two and died a horrid death, a hero. The government doesn’t think much of enlisted heros so his retirement was small. We had to move from our home in the city to a more affordable small town. I became my mother’s best friend and confidant, her sort of replacement husband. She taught me all about how to keep care of women and I lived with her until she died just fifteen short years later. I met my dear wife Lily after my mother’s funeral at one of the traditional apres burial meals held in family homes. She approached me in the hallway, gave me a brief hug and took me by the hand. “Cain, your mother and I were dear friends and she has asked me to keep care of you. I have her last requests and it’s important that you come upstairs with me now to receive them.” I was grieving, not able to understand.  “Lily, I’m..uh, last requests? Mother– gave them to you? What did she say?” “Just come along and do what I tell you.”
“No, what did she say.” I demanded.
“She said just come along and do what Lily tells you.”
I boggled as my dear mother’s best friend took my hand and led me along.. “You shall come upstairs with me and I’ll get this all settled right now.” I followed meekly, with some confusion. I had lost my greatest friend and the person that I had loved the most in the world and she had given her last wishes to someone else. I felt betrayed. As we entered mom’s room Lily pointed to a small stool saying, “Sit there and just listen. I’ve got important news for you.” As I sat she moved to mom’s bed, raised her foot onto the corner of it. Then, raising her skirt, pulled an envelope from her stocking top. She handed the envelope to me and sat primly on the edge of the bed. I read the inscription “My Darling Child” and took out my pocket knife to carefully open my last letter from mom. “Dearest Cain, as my last wish you are to marry Lily and do as she says. She knows all about you and is just perfect for you. She has been my lover for many years and you two will make a perfect couple. I am sure you will be able to console each other and make a wonderful life. Lily is to inherit all my worldly goods, including you. I loved you always, and will wait for both of you on the other side. Remember me, have fun. Love Always, Mom.” I was sobbing by the end of it. Sappy, my mother had written a sappy goodbye note telling me she was a lesbian and I was to inherit nothing. I became enraged. “How dare you bring this piece of trash into my home. You bitch, you filthy dyke bitch.” I stood approaching Lily. Standing up she took one step forward and slapped me hard enough to stun me. “You will stop your self– involved sanctimonious mewling this instant.” She looked fiercely and directly into my eyes. “Cain, your mom and I were more than close, we were lovers of many years. Even before your mother’s last husband. I know everything about you. Everything you did with her you shall do with me. Everything. And if you pull this kind of disrespectful behavior about your mother’s wishes again in my presence I will slap you back into last week. You have been raised by one of the strictest most loving women I have ever known, your behavior disrespects all the time she spent raising you and does not honor her wishes. Now what’s it going to be Cain? Become my husband and live a full life keeping a  beautiful wife happy or….?” Lily’s behavior was so much like my moms I was surprised. I developed the sudden and very same erotic turn on my mothers words used to engender and felt a familiar need of guidance. “Lily, If you know everything then you know what slapping my face does to me, or do you?” I challenged.  “Cain your virgin erection means as much to me as it did to your mother but as this may be a prelude to our life together then yes, I do know what all your little reflexes are. And you have yet to answer my question. What’s it going to be?” I was too mixed up, grieving and horny. What was I going to do? I fell back on my old skills, begging. “Please mo…Lily, may I have just a day to think about it?” She bent down and slowly standing, with one hand, began to raise her skirt. Mesmerized, I stared at the edge of it. When the black silk fabric got to the edge of her gartered stocking top she pulled her other arm back and quickly slapped me across the side of my face, very hard, twice. I came, my body bending at the waist. I came right in my pants while saying, without thought. “Yes my darling, my love, I will marry you.” She answered.  “How dare you come without permission, go to your room, right now and get ready for your punishment. I’m sending the guests away and will be up to give you a well deserved lesson in ten minutes, be ready or it will not go well for you.” Humiliated, I turned and went across the hall to my room. I knew what was going to happen next. As I entered my room I hoped with all my heart that my mother told her everything about me. I went directly to my closet and took off my trousers, jacket and tie. Removing my shirt I slowly unwound the tight cloth binding from my chest, releasing my tits. I hated the binding, it made it hard to breathe but in our small town who was to know, except me and my new fiance. I was lying naked on my bed, rubbing the ridged cloth marks with a sense of catlike satisfaction when Lily walked in. She stood there in her long black skirt, nude from the waist up and looked at me appraisingly. Walking over to the end of my bed she sat, legs akimbo.  “Cain. my god, you’re so much more beautiful than I had thought, come over here.” Spreading her legs she pointed to her thigh tops. “It’s time for your punishment. You know what to do.” I went over and knelt between her high heels. She reached down and moved her gaffe aside to reveal her swollen phallus and her voice became gentle. “I will concede one major life choice to you, son. Who’s going to wear the wedding dress? Me, or you?”


8 Responses to “Domme Mom”

  1. Oretha Reavley Says:

    Yeah , I d love to be in those domme games! I love your post thoug

  2. My Mistress Says:

    You got a new reader , ME. And thank you for the mistress post!

  3. Brad Murphrey Says:

    I truly liked the mistress thing , can you post more?

  4. Leonarda Swiech Says:

    So sexy , and effective post . I appreciate this visual and every thing associated to mistress!

  5. Birch Says:

    I truly loved this twist and turn. Is Lilly a shemale or a man who chose to become an almost woman? Is Cain a man who was dominated by mom so much that she secretly feminized him or forced him to take female hormones? Or did Cain love his dominating mother so much that he chose to take female hormones to become closer to his mother, so much so that he wanted to become her?

    • bobbymorgan Says:

      It is Speculative Bible Porn.

      Lily is Lilith, Cain is of Able &, his father (our father who art…) died at 32 or so… Cain’s mother was Eve and they were alone after he killed Able. In that it allows those persons made by Yahweh to have more exigency in populating the world. In this twist Cain is more femme than homme (remember that we all have tits) and Lilith preexists Eve and is therefore closer to god in order of appearance, so to speak. I use the term phallus to properly indicate all forms of that tasty bit of flesh between our legs which gets hard when happy. I use the term husband (from old english – husbunde) to indicate the confusion of gender between Old Norse and Old English to allow shifting male/female life partner associations.

      You get to assign whatever gender you want to the characters. They will appear again sometime this year. Perhaps they will visit Sodom, or drop by Lot’s house…

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